Sharon A. Fowler - Hawkins

Life Coach

 Maximizing lives to achieve the highest potential though life 

transformation, she serves in her church in many capacities and is a local preacher, conference coordinator/host and a sought after speaker. She is the CEO/Founder of Altitude Inc., The Altitude Project (TAP) . Proudly holds a certificate as a registered nurse practitioner, is a member of Toast Masters International, The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, an Author and a lover of the Word of God. Mrs. Sharon Fowler-Hawkins is an Alumni of The University of Phoenix where she received her Bachelor's Degree in nursing and Walden University where she received a Master's Degree in nursing as a family nurse practitioner. She is currently employed with the Alabama Department of Mental Health and proud owner of "The Personal Care Agency, Home Care".

  • 36yrs Health Care Experience

  • 24yrs Leadership Experience

  • 19yrs Public Speaking & Conference Hosting

  • 16 Yrs Life Coaching

  • Cert. Reg. Nurse Practitioner

  • Author

"Embrace change and challenges because destiny can be located in change and beneath challenges." -Sharon A. Fowler-Hawkins